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Emergency Dental Exams

Emergency Dental Exams

If you have a dental emergency, our emergency dentist at Smiles of Midtown can perform a detailed examination when you arrive at the clinic. Unlike a regular dental exam, this checkup will concentrate solely on the source of the emergency. 

While standard dental exams are designed to check your oral health by evaluating your teeth, gums, and bite, emergency dental exams are designed to discover the source of the problem, assess its severity, and select the best therapy. 

Emergency Dentistry

Life can be unpredictable, and accidents can happen suddenly. When they do, it’s essential to seek treatment right away for the best chance of saving the affected tooth or teeth. That’s where emergency dental care comes in.

Emergency dentists are specially trained to deal with various dental emergencies quickly and efficiently. They can provide the care you need after any dental accident, from chipping a tooth on a popcorn kernel to knocking out a tooth while playing sports. When you need immediate help restoring your oral health, an emergency dentist can help set you on the path to recovery.

As with most things in life, prevention is the best medicine for avoiding dental emergencies. Practicing good oral hygiene habits, including brushing at least twice a day and flossing at least once, will help keep your teeth healthy for a lifetime. Regular checkups are also crucial to preventing damage and decay from happening in the first place.

The Most Common Dental Emergencies

Any time you experience extreme tooth pain or discomfort, you should call our emergency dentist as soon as possible. Several issues can cause tooth pain, and it’s always best to seek treatment as quickly as possible to prevent further damage. We may be able to treat the problem on an urgent basis and prevent the need to extract the tooth altogether. Treating a cavity or other minor problem early on almost always results in a successful outcome.

If a tooth is knocked out or fractured, you must always keep it moist. Try to place the fallen tooth back in the socket, or if this isn’t possible, put it in milk or a saline solution until you can see our emergency dentist. 

If a tooth has been dislodged from its socket, keep it moist. You can try to reposition it back into place, but if this is not possible, place the tooth in a container of milk or saltwater solution and bring it with you when you see the dentist. It is essential to seek treatment right away to prevent complications like infection. 

If you are experiencing a severe toothache or other urgent dental issues, visit Smiles of Midtown at 3600 San Jacinto St, Houston, TX 77004, or call (713) 523-6848. Minor problems can become major ones if left untreated, so it’s best to take immediate action and seek dental care as soon as possible.


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