Tooth Colored Fillings

We offer tooth colored fillings that look great and are extremely durable under the chewing forces of your teeth. Tooth colored fillings allow you to get the treatment you need and keep your teeth looking great.

Silver Amalgam tooth fillings can now be replaced by tooth colored fillings which are virtually undetectable when smiling or opening your mouth. We get a lot of requests from patients to have their silver fillings and crowns removed and replaced by beautiful, natural restorations.

How do tooth colored fillings work?

Most tooth-colored fillings are composite fillings made from a mixture of acrylic resin and powered glass-like particles. Tooth-colored fillings can be perfectly matched to the color of the existing tooth. This is a major advantage over the traditional silver-colored amalgam fillings and is especially important on front teeth that show when you smile.

The Advantages of Tooth Colored Fillings

Using tooth-colored fillings on the front teeth is not just a vanity issue. Having a nice smile with no fillings showing in the front can help you perform better in job interviews and on the job if you deal face to face with people.

There other major advantages to tooth-colored fillings over silver-colored amalgam fillings as well. Amalgam fillings contain approximately 43 to 54 percent mercury. Mercury is considered a heavy metal toxin to the human body, even in minute amounts. Although there is no evidence that supports that mercury in dental fillings is unsafe, many dental patients have their amalgam fillings replaced with tooth-colored fillings. Another advantage to tooth-colored fillings is that it is easier to see new tooth decay so it can be removed as soon as possible.

When applying a tooth-colored filling, the dentist will not have to remove as much of the old tooth to get a firm bond as he or she would have to do with a silver-colored amalgam filling. The procedure can be done in a single dental office visit. Tooth-colored fillings are durable and flexible, and resistant to corrosion. They do not need be repaired or replaced very often.

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