Teeth Whitening

The quickest, most effective way to improve the appearance of your smile is through teeth whitening. Patients whiten their teeth for special occasions like a wedding, anniversary, job interview, etc..., or even just because of the increase in self-confidence that it gives them. Having a bright smile exudes youthfulness and confidence.

Why do teeth change color?

Teeth can easily become stained throughout the years from things like pie, coffee, tea and wine. They can also become dull and discolored as a result of genetics or older age. The dentin, which is the outer layer of the enamel, is what shows all blemishes.

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Regular brushing, flossing and rinsing are always important, but professional teeth whitening is the best way to get dentist quality results and a brighter smile. This procedure helps to reverse signs of aging as well as any blemishes caused by foods and beverages. The whitening agents your dentist uses will be applied professionally so that the outside appearance of the teeth improves immediately. This is the most effective way to whiten teeth and can last for years when proper after-care is provided.

Our Tooth Whitening Options

Opalescence Boost
Opalescence Boost is a one-hour whitening procedure that does not require an ultra violet light. If you are looking for an instantly whiter smile, then Boost is the perfect fit for you!

Opalescence Quik
Opalescence Quik is a 30-minute whitening treatment that uses a less-intense bleaching solution than the Boost. This is a perfect kick-start for your whitening regimine.

Reception Room
Reception Room Whitening is for patients who already have bleaching trays. We fill your trays with the Opal Quik solution and then you relax in our reception room while your teeth whiten!

Is Teeth Whitening Harmful?

The procedure doesn't hurt and only takes a short amount of time in order to complete. The dentist provides after-care instructions when the process is over, but brushing the teeth is the best way to keep the results looking nice. Whitening can be done again in the future to keep the bright appearance, but the results are generally long lasting. Under the guidance of your dentist, your smile can be brighter and whiter without the enamel being damaged. This means the teeth will stay in good shape so they are healthy and beautiful.

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