Teeth Recontouring

For anyone concerned with the cosmetic appearance of their teeth, the process of teeth re-contouring might be an excellent solution. We specialize in Teeth Recontouring, which allows us to change the shape of teeth to help them match your facial features and preferred look.

The Teeth Recontouring Procedure

Also known as enameloplasty and odontoplasty, tooth re-contouring revolves around changing the shape of the tooth itself by removing small fragments of tooth enamel until the desired shape is obtained.

The appearance of teeth will be better balanced and aesthetics will be improved. The total look of the teeth can be enhanced and such results can be gained quickly since the process is relatively simple in comparison to other cosmetic procedures.

Why The Procedure Is Undertaken

When minor problems exist with the look of the teeth, this procedure has the potential to correct the teeth in a minimally invasive way. This can serve as a viable and less costly alternative to other procedures. Also, when teeth re-contouring is done, improved dental hygiene is possible. Minor cracks, imperfections and crowding in the teeth create the potential for excess plaque to build up. This can lead to serious dental problems over time. Those with major dental damage or imperfections with the teeth will not likely find this to be the appropriate procedure. However, minor problems can usually be treated with tooth re-contouring quite effectively.

Setting Up An Appointment

Those wondering if they are a candidate for the procedure should make an appointment with the dentist to discuss the option. Please call us at 713-523-6848.