Regular Teeth Cleanings

The importance of regular teeth cleanings simply cannot be underestimated as it is not only good for your oral health, but it is also good for your health in general.

Visiting the dentist for your regularly scheduled teeth cleanings helps keep your teeth looking nice and prevents problems such as tooth decay and gum disease.

Preventing Tooth Loss and Other Issues

Infection in the gums is one of the leading causes of adult tooth loss. By having regular cleanings at the dentist and maintaining a strict hygiene schedule (brush and floss twice daily), gum disease can be stopped from spreading or even developing. Gum disease has been linked to an increase in heart disease and strokes so keeping on top of it can indeed have an impact on your general health.

What Happens During A Routine Teeth Cleaning

While we clean your teeth we also look for potential problems with fillings, cracks in your teeth, cavities, as well as issues with the gums, tongue, soft palate and other areas. When regular cleanings (twice per year) are attended and we see an issue, we will most likely catch it in an early phase and can treat it quickly and effectively.

Teeth cleanings are quick and easy and are a great way to maintain and even improve your dental health. Please call 713-523-6848 if you have any questions.