Protective Sealants

Dental Sealants are applied to teeth to protect them from decay. By applying a thin plastic coating to the grooves of chewing surfaces on teeth, the dentist creates a barrier free from food and other elements that eventually break down and can cause teeth to decay.

How is a Dental Sealant applied?

Before applying the sealant to the pits and fissures of the chewing surfaces of a tooth, we will clean and dry the tooth. We then apply a coating to the tooth that primes it for the application of the sealant. After we brush on the sealant material, in order for it to dry properly, we hold a curing light over the sealant that helps strengthen its bond to the tooth and finalizes the sealing process.

Dental Sealants are generally white or clear and are applied in the back of the mouth, so they are virtually unnoticeable. The application is painless and you will not even notice they are on your teeth.

How durable is a Dental Sealant and who needs them?

Dental Sealants can last five years or longer and are meant to withstand the daily pressures exerted on teeth. We recommend them for children and adults who would like to preserve the health of their teeth.

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