Emergency Dental Exams

If you are experiencing a dental emergency, please make sure you contact our office immediately at 713-523-6848.

Whether you are an adult or child, emergency dental exams are sometimes required and ensuring that you are seen by the proper dental professional for your particular situation is critical.

Typical Dental Emergency Situations

  • Tooth or Teeth Knocked Out

  • Severely Chipped or Broken Tooth or Teeth

  • Severely Cut, Bleeding and/or Swollen Gums

  • Trauma to Jaw, Gums and/or Teeth

  • Dental Restoration (Crown, Filling) Fell Out and is Causing Pain

  • Extreme Pain Levels in Mouth from Toothache or Other Issue

In the event that a tooth has been knocked out, please keep the tooth in a glass of milk and contact your dentist immediately. Please call us at 713-523-6848 if you are experiencing a dental emergency.