Dental Implants

Dental implants are the strongest and most reliable restorations that a dentist can place in a patient's mouth. A dental implant allows a patient to have their chewing function restored after a permanent tooth has fallen out or was removed.

They can last a lifetime

A dental implant consists of a metal rod that is inserted into the jaw and allows a dental crown to be added to it. Implants are made of strong metals, such as titanium, that do not tarnish over time and allow the restoration to last a long time, and if proper care is taken they can last a lifetime.

Proper placement is crucial

Some dental implants are able to be inserted immediately after establishing the need for one; however, sometimes there is need for additional preparation of the area to be able to adequately support the implant. If there is enough supporting bone in the jaw, then an implant is a great option. If there is not, a dental bridge may be considered, or other procedures to increase the jaw structure may be considered as well.

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