How Digital Radiography is Safer for Our Patients

Dental technology has brought about various changes in dentistry by introducing newer techniques, which allow patients to receive high quality dental treatment. Modern innovations are used to make X-rays safer, more convenient and less time consuming.

In digital radiography, the dentist will insert an electronic sensor in to your mouth. This sensor is connected to the computer, where it will project the captured images of your teeth.

One of the major benefits of digital radiography is patient safety. Although traditional dental X-rays radiate small amounts of rays, some patients are concerned about the safety of dental x-ray radiation. By using digital radiography, the patient is exposed to up to 80 percent less radiation as compared to conventional X-rays.

By reducing the long processing time of conventional radiography, digital X-rays increase our efficiency. It also improves our ability to respond to emergency dental situations, where quick response and action are extremely important.