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Dental Insurance & Financing

Below is a list of the insurance types that we accept, as well as the financing options we have available for our patients. Please call us at 713-523-6848 if you have any questions.

Dental Insurance Options

Insurance reminder… Use it or lose it!

Use all your benefits. Most health insurance benefits operate on an annual basis, from January 1 to December 31. Remember that preventive services are available to you with no co-pay, so take advantage of semi-annual dental cleanings!!!

Satisfy your deductible. Your deductible (the amount you have to pay out-of-pocket before health insurance starts to pick up the bills) will reset at the start of the year. So if you’ve already satisfied your deductible, now is the time to get in those last-minute treatments, especially if you’re in need of care that is costly. Your insurance will generally pick up the tab as long as care is provided before the end of the year.

Use FSA funds. Remember that Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) are a use-it-or-lose it-type benefit. If you fail to use the money you deposited into the account before the year is up, you’ll forfeit the funds.

Dental Treatment Matters. Don’t delay dental treatments because of money. Dental problems tend to worsen (and become more expensive) the longer they go untreated. We see many patients with significant problems that would have otherwise been minimal if they had come in earlier.

Let us help you maximize your insurance benefits for necessary treatment through proper scheduling! Keep in mind that some procedures require several appointments and time for lab restorations. Additionally, some treatments can be started at the end of one year, and completed after the next one begins, providing two year’s coverage on one treatment. By pre-planning with us, we can schedule your treatment to make the most of your coverage and time off.

For those patients interested in financial plans, this is a good process to begin now for end of year treatments. We offer 12 months financing without interest thru CareCredit, which is available for completion online, or we can assist you with the application process.

Dental Insurance

For your convenience, we accept most dental insurance plans, with exception to Medicaid and Chips dental insurance. We also do not accept any HMO dental plans. Please call 713-523-6848 if you have questions about the dental insurance plans that we accept.

No Insurance? Call Us!

If you don’t have insurance, please call us. We can help you find out what financial options are currently available, so you can have your dental treatment comfortably. Please call us at 713-523-6848. We look forward to hearing from you!

Financing Options

Care Credit – Patient Financing

Care Credit is a low interest, patient financing option that helps you get the dental care you need when you need it. Apply for Care Credit from our office and get an approval status almost immediately. Please call 713-523-6848 if you have any questions about financing your dental work.